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I'm not the biggest fan of gyms and have previously attended a conventional spin class and enjoyed swimming, when I heard of a Hydrospin class locally, I decided to give it a go! Initially I thought it would be a lot of leg muscle strengthening work, but was very pleased that it is a total body workout, targeting upper and lower parts of the body, whilst also improving cardiovascular performance, another great benefit of exercising in water is that you don’t get sweaty! David changes the programme on a weekly basis making it challenging but fun with a variety of exercises ensuring it’s not at all repetitive; the beat of the tunes keeps me going when struggling too! I would recommend Hydrospin to everyone; it’s a fun way to train and is accessible to all ages.

Catrin Llety Cynin, St Clears

I Love my Hydrospin sessions with David at Llety Cynin, despite being a 68yr old grandma who last year was 6 stone overweight I gave it a try and I've never looked back. It made me realise I did not need to be old and fat, I could exercise and diet to keep up with the teens and twenty somethings and most of all enjoy life. Now 4.5 stone lighter and a nearly trim size 14 (unfortunately I still look as though I need ironing in all the bits that are hidden by the swimming costume but this is getting better by the week) and my diabetes is receding (hopefully no more tablets after my next clinic). I would not miss my sessions with David he is an inspiration and very supportive and I would recommend hydrospin to anyone no matter how old or unfit.

I find hydrospinning a really good workout; muscle-toning as well as aerobic. It's also good fun and refreshing to exercise in water. David has a good balance between encouragement and pushing us to get the most out of the class.

Lowri Sion

Back in January as every one was making New years resolutions, mine was to lose weight (as I was getting married in June). I always struggled to lose weight as I've been the same weight for years; my goal was to lose a stone and I would be happy! My friend suggested that i go with her to a hydrospin class. I was a bit scared and also excited as I had never been to a class like this before, but I loved it! (and even though I'm married now, and yes I did loose a stone, I'm still going). I love the fact that every part of my body is having a work out, my body feels toned and I feel so much fitter! I have attended many fitness classes, but never managed to stick to any except for this one, whatever your fitness you can go at your own pace. I highly recommend hydrospin for everyone whatever your fitness or age.

I came to hydro spin after taking up a place on the GP referral gym scheme. Hydro spin was one of the activities on offer so I thought I would give it a try. It makes a pleasant alternative to pounding round the gym. If you want a good workout that does not leave your joints aching and your feet sore I can highly recommend it. Also its very suitable for non swimmers, your on the spin bike all the time and no chance of your head going under. I attended the Aberaeron class. A nice friendly local pool. David Maund, the instructor is very friendly and supportive while being professional at all times. If you want a change from the normal gym routine or a session to support you other gym sessions this is well worth a try

Tim Nicholls

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