Hydrospin Benefits

Hydrorider aquabikes were born in Bologna, Italy in December 2000. It is made of marine stainless steel which is rust proof which allows the participant to pedal while immersed in water . Cycling in water has been around over forty years, in its early stages was mainly used for rehabilitation. Hydrorider were the first aquabike to have progressive resistance, created by a four pronged paddle system which are adjustable on three levels ( the longer the the paddle , greater the resistance). The Hydrorider aquabike is the perfect piece of equipment for a strenuous, and vitalising aquatic exercise class, it is adaptable to any physical condition : athletic, elderly, obese or rehab making it the perfect group exercise for everyone Hydrospin Benefits

  • ​Improves overall well being, aids weight loss
  • ​Increases full body strength and endurance
  • I​mproves cardiovascular fitness
  • ​Targets upper body muscles at the same time as lower body muscles, giving a total body workout
  • ​The cooling effect of water reduces the discomfort of sweating whilst reducing pressure on the heart
  • ​Buoyancy of the water gives support around the joints, which makes it a fantastic low risk, high intense exercise
  • T​he ability to vary riding positions which is not possible on dry land
  • ​There is constant resistance no matter what speed participants cycles

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