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What Is Hydro Pole?

This is not a pole dancing class. Hydro Pole is a strengthening and fitness class for men and women!

Hydro Pole can improve physical strength, in particular core strength, improves balance and agility, tones muscle in fairly short period of time. We have several classes that run, if you would like to discuss your needs and if you have any questions about the Hydro Pole class, please feel free to email us on info@hydrospindragon.co.uk or alternatively you can call us on 07792 351 607.

Hydro Pole Aqua Pole Wales Carmarthenshire
Hydro Pole Aqua Pole Wales Pembrokeshire

Benefits Of Hydro Pole

Improves core strength

Builds and tones all groups of muscles

Risk of injury to ligaments, tendons, and muscles is reduced to being supported by the water​

Significant weight loss; fat burner

Increase your flexibility

Motor skills and coordination are improved

A fun and exciting challenge and experience